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2 questions about firefox I just have to ask.

For a long time I have been having trouble with having firefox
recognized programs to handle files of a specific type or with plugins.
I finally tried to read the help description. What I am having trouble
with is the Download Preferences Window.

For the file type window the Help text says:
This list contains file types that you have downloaded. You can choose
what Firefox should do when clicking on a specific file type. Select the
file type you want to modify and click the Change Action... button.

I have never seen any contents displayed in the File Type window and
have not the slightest idea how you get anything to display . How do you
do that?

Further the Plugins window. Those displayed have no relation to what is
in /usr/lib/firefox.x.x/plugins so I ma not sure where the ones I see
come from, nor how to get the right ones displayed. And none of this has
anything to do with what is displayed in the about:plugins web address.
How does one deal with plugins in an organized way?
Aaron Konstam <akonstam sbcglobal net>

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