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Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

On Tue, 2007-01-16 at 07:57 -0700, David G. Miller wrote:
> Claude Jones <claude_jones levitjames com> wrote:
> > Normal people conspire - it's the natural human condition, it's what 
> > makes us soar - for good, for bad, for money, for whatever. Humans 
> > conspire - it's not a pejorative except to clever nerds who don't have 
> > a social life... Oh, and the real poop on successful conspiracies is 
> > that the best ones are right in your face, right out in the open -
> > -- Claude Jones Brunswick, MD, USA
> And, as usual, the absolutely complete lack of evidence of the 
> conspiracy is just further proof that the conspiracy is working.
> BTW, Elvis said to say "Hi."

Please bring this discussion to a list where knowledgeable people can
contribute and take action.

Could people please take this discussion to a selinux mailing list.

Most people, including me, are ill equipped to contribute to a
discussion on security.  Most people, including me, would have
difficulty understanding, much less configuring, selinux parameters.

All that is gained from continuing this discussion on this list, is to
cast fear, uncertain, and doubt.

If a selinux mailing list determines there is really a problem, then, it
would be appropriate to give a summary of what a selinux mailing list
determined and what action should be taken.

I apologize if people think this discussion is appropriate on this list.
I do not.  No fruitful information is being added to this discussion.
This discussion seems to have a life of its own, and does not go away.

> Cheers,
> Dave
> -- 
> Politics, n. Strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles.
> -- Ambrose Bierce

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