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Re: OT: Transcode video for playback on PS3

Kanwar Ranbir Sandhu wrote:
Hello Everyone,

Does anyone here have a PS3?  If you do, have you transcoded video files
to a format that the PS3 will play back?

I'm guessing ffmpeg is the best tool for the job.  My hang up so far is
that I don't know what options to use.

Eventually I want to install a Linux distro on the thing.  That should
be fun.

Any tips would be appreciated (for the transcoding).



I have Yellow Dog on my PS3, but haven't done much but benchmark testing so far. I am looking at pungi + kernel 2.6.20 release and rolling it up with FC6 before I get too deep into Linux on it.


Benchmarks for general purpose CPU based applications are outstanding.
Mine is a model 60, and the disk drive is slow, which skews compile time tests a bit. But overall it compares on benchmarks quite favorably with a AMD64 X2 4200+ system. With a faster disk drive, it will beat it handily.

The kernel sees two CPUs and 6 'cores' in Linux. Using dual CPUs is brainless, but I have no idea how to use the 'cores'.

The main drawback for the foreseeable future is video performance in Linux on the PS3. Only a generic frame buffer is available, and my 24" Dell LCD monitor (1920x1200) looks 'fuzzy' at 1080i in Yellow Dog.

The new 'official' PS3 component cables are out, and I will get one to see if it will do 1080p on my monitor. I am currently using a PS2 component cable and my monitor goes blank at 1080p with that one. 1080i looks ok in games.

Good luck, and have fun!

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