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Re: vmware workstation is beating up my disk!

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On Tue, January 16, 2007 16:44, John Bowden wrote:
> You will find that windoz will default to a swap file 1.5 times the real
> RAM, and will swap things in and out on a regular basis. Its memory
> management is still very crude compared to a nix o/s. As well as
> indexing check to see if any anti virus or mallware cleaners are
> running. Also if you have m$ office it also has an index service.

Also, as the swap file in in the same partition as userdata usually, if
the hard disk is near full when Windows decides to enlarge the partition,
you may end up with a fragmented swap file, which could do extreme wear on
the hard disk.  Have you tried a boot-time defragmenting tool?
- -Duncan

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