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Re: access files at a connected server

On 17/01/07, Peter Gordon <peter thecodergeek com> wrote:
Yuandan Zhang wrote:
> After connected, Files on this server can be broswered, copy, paste, delete
> etc using File Manager. My question is how to access these  files alike the
> local files at commend line, eg cat /home/user/temp.txt

This is probably a great use for FUSE-mounting. (Though I've no experience with
it, I'm hoping that this is at least a shove in the right direction; and
someone with greater knowledge of it than I can explain it in detail.)

In fact,  i tried export this fs at the server and mount that at the client.

at the server, this fs was exported in one of the three ways (one line in /etc/exports):

/data2/PROJECTS  client1 (rw, no_root_squash)
/data2/PROJECTS  client1 (rw,all_squash)
/data2/PROJECTS  client1 (rw,root_squash)

nfs service is restarted

at the client side, this fs was mounted with a line at /etc/fstab:

server:/data1 /mnt/server/data1    nfs     noauto,users        0 0

it can be mounted.

However, the problem is that the mounted fs always inhertied the uid and gid of the fs at the server side. Although the user name is the same on both the server and the client, the uid and gid  on two sides are different. as a result, the user at the client can't  gain rw access of the mounted fs.

thanks for any advice


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