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Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

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Rick Sewill wrote:

<really BIG snip>

> Normal folks are not on the Fedora mailing list.

<another really BIG snip>

Nice comment Rick. I like it. You appear to see what these wing-nuts do not
see. This is NOT directed at you but at them.

There are no normal folks that think that the NSA is spying on them through
SELinux. The normal folks know what SELinux does. And why.

Hey folks the NSA does not have to spy on you, or me, this way. Your, and my,
ISP has records of every site that you, I, have visited. From CNN to that
kiddie p0rn site that you, or I, might have visited. They have every email
that you, or I, have ever sent. And you want to worry about a security feature
in Fedora? If they want to look at the contents of your, or my, harddrive they
would just kick down your, or my, door and take it. Get real.

Now please go to your room and play with your blocks until the nice man with
your medicine arrives. And then you will feel all better. I promise.

And remember  "All your base are belong to us"

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