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Re: Question for Gene Heskett about slow Firefox launch

On Wed, 2007-01-17 at 00:22 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:

> Basicly I did a make xconfig in the kernel tree I had already built and 
> was running, with an eye to getting rid of that which isn't of any 
> perceived usefullness to me.  If, as you go thru the xconfig screens item 
> by item, you read the help that pops into the lower right corner of the 
> window, and it says "if you don't know what this option does, you 
> probably don't need it, say N".  By the time I got down to the bottom 
> of 'block devices' I'll bet I'd turned off a hundred things that were 
> being built, and which had no earthly use to me, but the previous 'make 
> oldconfig' had enabled them.  With this newer compiler seemingly being as 
> slow as it it, that cut the build time by about 7 minutes, down to 24 
> IIRC, but I can recall building a kernel for this machine in under 8 
> minutes back in the mists of time.  And the system, once booted to it, 
> does seem a bit snappier at some operations.  I think I can probably cut 
> that much more the next time I have half an hour to work in an xconfig 
> window.

Gene, I'm struggling to remember back in the old days when burning a
kernel, didn't we have to make mrproper and do something with some
links? Or directory names or something like that?? Also, wasn't there
some sort of gcc option that would kick it into overdrive and compile
faster? I'm trying to remember... and it hurts. :) I might just try to
roll my own to keep my hand in it and see if she goes or blows. Ric

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