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Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

On Wed January 17 2007 6:44 am, Anne Wilson wrote:
> Hah!  Now I understand!  This thread is a trojan!  That's why it stays
> active no matter what I do! :-)

You know Anne, about the only time I ever get in people's faces on internet 
mail-lists is when they attempt to be list-cops and stifle discussion. If 
people want to beat a subject to death it doesn't bother me - the DB's and 
DGM's and their sophomoric chest thumping and unoriginal humor are 
dime-a-dozen. But, I gotta hand it to you - that line above is a good one!

The discussion has been useful - I've not only learned much about the issue, 
but I've learned much about various personalities on this list - sometimes, 
the most useful aspect of such discussions. 

Here's a small mea culpa to Rick - while I was put off by your first post and 
your one line attempt to turn off the discussion, I found your follow-up much 
more to the point. While I might disgagree with some specifics, your points 
were well taken. I say that because I've been a political organizer for over 
30 years, and I have stood for, and held minor elective offices. BUT, this 
discussion has certainly been useful to me, and provided a plethora of 
information on the subject, and sources for follow-up, so I don't think it's 
been a waste of my time, and I suspect there are not a few who have learned a 
thing or two. 
Claude Jones
Brunswick, MD, USA

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