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Safest way to remove duplicate lib packages

As this is now the 3rd time I've installed FC5 now, I'm loathe to do the 
updates because of this problem of ending up with duplicate librsvg2 packages 
on the system.

I'v already had to reinstall FC5 twice, because of gdm being seemingly totally 
broken, after having used "rpm -e librsvg2-2.14.2-1" to remove the earlier 
librsvg package so as only leave one version installed, although I had 
already tried to remove it using synaptic, but kept getting errors, and 
synaptic could not remove it.

I've already had this problem with FC5 back in Oct 2006, but it appears that 
back then rpm -e for the package, worked ok, and I followed this up with a 
removal, and reinstall of gdm, and that FC5 install is working ok.

So what is the safest way to go about this?  Should I just update this 
librsvg2 package before doing any of the other updates, then if it ends up 
with both versions, remove the earlier one, so that there are no conflicts 
between the 2?


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