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Re: Kopete & video

On 08/01/07, Anne Wilson <cannewilson tiscali co uk> wrote:
It's very frustrating.  Two or three years back I had gnomemeeting working.  I
used it for a linux to linux and for a linux to windows session (netmeeting).
I haven't needed it for a long time, so I've been quite shocked to see how
hard it is now.

I'm also a bit shocked. I jump around from distro to distro, and I
haven't had a problem with Kopete in a long time. My webcam is a
Logitech Quikcam. On my current distro, Kubuntu, I just plugged it in
and it works. I've got Kopete 0.12.3 on KDE 3.5.5. I'm actually
considering whether this month It'll be FC6 or (don't hate me) the
latest SUSE, which I haven't tried in a while. If webcam support under
Fedora is that bad, then that'll be a big problem for me. My first
daughter was born two weeks ago, and the grandparents don't live in
Israel. So there's been quite a bit of webcamming going on in our
household as of late.

Dotan Cohen


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