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Re: Safest way to remove duplicate lib packages

On Wed January 17 2007 17:17, Nigel Henry wrote:
> As this is now the 3rd time I've installed FC5 now, I'm loathe to do the
> updates because of this problem of ending up with duplicate librsvg2
> packages on the system.

yes it seems this bug has been here for time! 214855

> I'v already had to reinstall FC5 twice, because of gdm being seemingly
> totally broken, after having used "rpm -e librsvg2-2.14.2-1" to remove the
> earlier librsvg package so as only leave one version installed, although I
> had already tried to remove it using synaptic, but kept getting errors, and
> synaptic could not remove it.
> I've already had this problem with FC5 back in Oct 2006, but it appears
> that back then rpm -e for the package, worked ok, and I followed this up
> with a removal, and reinstall of gdm, and that FC5 install is working ok.
> So what is the safest way to go about this?  Should I just update this
> librsvg2 package before doing any of the other updates, then if it ends up
> with both versions, remove the earlier one, so that there are no conflicts
> between the 2?
In a word yes. 

It may not be safe :-) but here's what I did when I had the two libs:
rpm -ev --noscripts librsvg2-<2.x.x>  # rip out the old one <insert version>
rpm -Uvh --force librsvg2-<2.x.x.>.i386.rpm  # slap the current back in
rpm -V librsvg2       # make sure it looks good :-)    less is good.


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