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Re: New Login option no longer present in FC6

Temlakos wrote:
> FC4 had a System Tool called "New Login," at least in GNOME. (I
> don't know whether KDE has, or had, that option.) It allowed a user
> having multiple user accounts on the same machine to log in to
> another of his accounts while /not/ logging /out/ of whatever
> account was running. In that way, a user could quickly visit another
> account, where he kept certain files, and still leave certain
> Firefox tabs open and return to them later.
> The current iteration of GNOME doesn't seem to have that option.
> Now, if I want to check out another account, I have to quit all
> applications and log out of the account that I am in.
> Does any package exist to restore that option to my desktop?

Open the menu editor (right click on the applications menu) and look
in the System Tools section.  There should be a "New Login" item
there.  Just check it to make it appear in the menu.  This is provided
by the gdm package, so you almost surely have it.

I have it in my menu and as far as I can recall that's all I had to do
to make it visible.

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