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Re: Safest way to remove duplicate lib packages

On Wednesday 17 January 2007 22:17, dexter wrote:
> On Wed January 17 2007 17:17, Nigel Henry wrote:
> > As this is now the 3rd time I've installed FC5 now, I'm loathe to do the
> > updates because of this problem of ending up with duplicate librsvg2
> > packages on the system.
> yes it seems this bug has been here for time! 214855

Have you got the complete link to the bug report?

> > So what is the safest way to go about this?  Should I just update this
> > librsvg2 package before doing any of the other updates, then if it ends
> > up with both versions, remove the earlier one, so that there are no
> > conflicts between the 2?
> In a word yes.

Yeh. Just done that, as per my later post with the "<SOLUTION>" added to the 
heading, and posted before I checked the mail.
> It may not be safe :-) but here's what I did when I had the two libs:
> rpm -ev --noscripts librsvg2-<2.x.x>  # rip out the old one <insert
> version> rpm -Uvh --force librsvg2-<2.x.x.>.i386.rpm  # slap the current
> back in rpm -V librsvg2       # make sure it looks good :-)    less is
> good.

Thanks for the above, hmmm, dodgy, but works fix. I may have done something 
similar on the earlier install of FC5 on this machine, but as my memory is 
going, I can't remember.
> ...dex

It is interesting that the first installs I did of FC5 on the other machine, 
which were quite early on in FC5's release didn't present any such problems 
with updates, so it would appear that some updated package further down the 
line has caused this duplicated package problem to present itself. It will be 
intersting to view the bug report.

Many thanks for the reply.

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