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Re: Kopete & video

On 18/01/07, Keith Powell <keith keithg4jvx force9 co uk> wrote:
Two hours ago, I sent this message to the list. It hasn't arrived,
although a second one I sent arrived within about three minutes of
sending it.

So here is is again, with the typing error corrected. Let us hope that
this arrives!

On Wednesday 17 January 2007 8:09 pm, Dotan Cohen wrote:
> On 08/01/07, Anne Wilson <cannewilson tiscali co uk> wrote:
> > It's very frustrating.  Two or three years back I had
> > gnomemeeting working.  I used it for a linux to linux and for a
> > linux to windows session (netmeeting). I haven't needed it for a
> > long time, so I've been quite shocked to see how hard it is now.
> I'm also a bit shocked. I jump around from distro to distro, and I
> haven't had a problem with Kopete in a long time. My webcam is a
> Logitech Quikcam. On my current distro, Kubuntu, I just plugged it
> in and it works. I've got Kopete 0.12.3 on KDE 3.5.5. I'm actually
> considering whether this month It'll be FC6 or (don't hate me) the
> latest SUSE, which I haven't tried in a while. If webcam support
> under Fedora is that bad, then that'll be a big problem for me. My
> first daughter was born two weeks ago, and the grandparents don't
> live in Israel. So there's been quite a bit of webcamming going on
> in our household as of late.


I too am having problems with my Logitech Quickcam Chat. This is how I
installed it.

1) Install the kernel-devel package.

2) Go to http://mxhaard/download.html and download the

3 Untar it.

4) As root, in a terminal, cd to its untarred folder.

5) Type   make  (./configure isn't needed)

6) Type   make install

7) Type   modprobe gspca

8) Type   modprobe snd_usb_audio

9) Reboot

Others may tell you a better way, but this way has been successful
with me and it is very quick to do.

This has installed the webcam, and it works well in aMSN. However,
although it works in kopete, I can't get kopete to actually send or
receive a picture!



Thanks, Keith. I'm saving this email for when I install in the next
few weeks. Of course I'd prefer a working Kopete, but this might be a
good chance to try out the latest Gaim||Amsn if it doesn't.

Dotan Cohen


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