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Re: cant mount second drive

On Wednesday 17 January 2007 21:38, jack wallen wrote:
>Hello all,
>used to be i could install a second drive, taken from another linux box,
>and mount it with something like:
>mount /dev/hdb2 /data
>well now on a fresh fc6 (64 bit) install i can not do that.
>here's my set up:
>2 drives: hda and hdb. hda holds my new install. hdb was from an older
>install and i need to get files from it. it's from an i386 install and
>the machine kinda melted down.
>when i run the command:
>mount /dev/hdb2 /data
>i get the mount: you must specify the filesystem type error. i know this
>is an ext3 filesystem (it's also from FC6). if i try to specify the
>filesystem with:
>mount -t ext3 /dev/hdb2 /data
>i get:
>mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/hdb2,
>       missing codepage or other error
>       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try
>       dmesg | tail  or so
>what am i doing wrong?
>i can mount /dev/hdb1 and i get the boot partition showing up just find.
>but hdb2 will not show up.
>any suggestions?
>thanks all.

Could be that partition is hosed, you said the install had a meltdown.  In 
any event, my favorite too, for that is fdisk
#>fdisk /dev/hdb
and it will printout as much as it can read from the drives partition 
tables.  This will include the partition type, which you can then compare 
to the output of
which will show a table of numbers translated to filesystem types in plain 
exits without writing to the drive.  Now you at least know what the type 
of that 2nd partition is, and can specify it to the -t option of mount.

The next thing is to read a manpage on mount to find out how to specify a 
different superblock location and see if the backup superblock copy can 
be found.  Likely suspect numbers would be in the general area of 8192, 
16383 etc, give or take a few blocks either way.  IIRC this also works 
for e2fsck.  In fact that I think is the first thing I'd do after exiting 
from fdisk, get as many clues as you can before giving it permission to 
try to repair things.

It might be instructive to read up on e2fsck, and run it against that 
partition to see what sort of errors might fall out if any.  IIRC you can 
have it do a read-only scan, and I would for the first pass since I don't 
like to give a utility such as e2fsck a blanket pass to 'adjust' things 
until I know what it might find.

Cheers, Gene
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