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Re: Fedora media server - what to use

gnump3d does not appear to be a UPnP server.  The MP101 must have a UPnP server serving music.

Thank you for the suggestion.

- Jamie

On 1/17/07, Christian Nygaard <christiannygaard gmail com> wrote:

On 1/17/07, Jamie Bohr <jamiebohr gmail com> wrote:
I purchaed two Netgear MP101 (digital music players) in hopes of getting them to work with Fedora.    I was told to look at pymediaserver as a media server.  I am running into lots of problems, so before I go off and try to resolve them I would like to know what media server this lists recommends.  I have searched several Fedora sites and did not see one that comes with Fedora.  I am currently running Fedora 5 just in case is makes a difference.

Why dont you try gnump3d?


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Jamie Bohr
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