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Re: vnc lockups

Frank Cox wrote:
Just within the past several days, I have started to have problems with my VNC
session locking up when connected to a particular FC6 machine.  The local
desktops on that machine work fine but a VNC session (through SSH) locks up
after anywhere from several seconds to several minutes.
How did you configure the vnc tunnels ?

By locking up I mean that the remote desktop window freezes and the terminal
window that I initiated the SSH session through also freezes.  If I close both
windows and re-open my session again then everything is just where it was
before it locked up.
While you are using it ? Screen saver not clicking in {black} and meaning no vnc data is sent, allowing the ssh session to timeout ? Or maybe a screensaver that is difficult to trasfer across modem ?

This happens continually.
With x minutes ? seconds ?

I can log into another machine running FC6 and run a VNC session on it with no
How different are the two machine ?

I can log into yet another machine on the same Internet connection as the
"problem machine" (different IP address, same modem) that is still running FC5
with no lockups as well.
perhaps try the low-bandwidth options for the vnc session.

Another person who uses the "problem machine" through a VNC connection is also
complaining about lockups.

I have seen some lockups of the direct vnc session. In these cases {x86_64 on amd am2}, the clock continues to get updated, but the mouse doesn't active windows, nor the menus.

This required to ssh in, kill the vncserver, kill gnome-applet, and restart vncserver.

My suggestion: on the local console open some terminals for top, tail -f /var/log/messages, and ping some local network machine, and also run gkrellm, also , adjust the clock to show seconds.

See if there is any thing of note that happens when the session stops. Perhaps the modem begins retraining, causing timeouts or some such.

I am of course totally guessing ;)

Maybe another machine on the network with same mac address or ip address ? turn the problem pair off, and ensure you can't find them via ping/nmap ?


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