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Re: Kopete & video

On 18/01/07, Scott van Looy <scott ethosuk org uk> wrote:
"I'm also a bit shocked." and "If webcam support under Fedora is that bad"
- fud. You've not tried it, you're spreading fear, uncertainty and

Yes, I was surprised to see that is the situation on Fedora. Fact that
I subscribe to the Fedora list shows that I feel Fedora is my 'home'
distro, even when I'm toying with others. And I'm very interested in
the features that I use, hence me even reading this thread. I'm also
surprised to find that things that work in less cutting-edge distros,
such as Ubuntu, don't work in Fedora.

What fear have I spread? That I'm shocked? If Dotan being shocked is
enough to make you fearful, then you obviously know a lot more about
me than I know about you.

If you have a problem with it, then comment on it?

I think that I missed an important word in that sentence.

Dotan Cohen


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