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Re: Kopete & video

On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 17:28 +0000, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Thursday 18 January 2007 14:32, Gilboa Davara wrote:
> > ARGH!
> >
> > If the two of you would have taken the time to read the thread instead
> > of playing "who's the biggest jack-ass" you'd notice that:
> > A. This has nothing to do with the kernel module - in both cases (Mine
> > and the OP) the webcam works just fine under non-kopete applications.
> > B. There's a bug in Kopete that breaks the MSN accept/reject webcam
> > cycle.
> > C. At least in my case, kopete freezes out from time to time once the
> > webcam is active.
> >
> > As as I said up the thread, my webcam works just fine under both amsn
> > and mplayer.
> > Once I'll have some free time I'll open a BZ in kde.org and try to help
> > them sort this problem out.
> >
> Gilboa, I don't mind doing the work, if you can give me a few instructions to 
> get started.  I don't want to open a bug report without being able to give 
> the info that's really required.  I can describe what happens, and what 
> happens in other apps.  What more is needed?
> Anne


Open the bug report and post the BZ here.
I'll CC myself and help you. (If you'll need my help ;)).

Oh, I'd suggest you also file a BZ in bugzilla.redhat and post a link to
the upstream bug. (Just so people won't generate duplicate BZ')

BTW, does your webcam picture freeze from time to time when you open the
"device" tab in the Kopete properties?

- Gilboa

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