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Re: Udev problem

On Thursday 18 January 2007 18:55, dabicho wrote:
> It sounds like you are not using udev rules to manage the symlinks
> here is a good tutorial on how to go about it
> http://www.reactivated.net/writing_udev_rules.html
That's the tutorial I used to write the rules :-)  And a clear one it is, too.

> then the permissions thing.
> the link is rwxrwxrwx so anybody can access the file through the link.
> It is the file_it_points_to's permissions who are denying access to the
> user
> I would configure udev to set those devices group owned by a specific group
> with the required permissions and add my user to that group.
> Hoping that helps (as I have had need of configuring udev only a couple of
> times a long time ago)

Thanks to you and Tony for answering.  The problem, though, was nothing like 
what I thought it was.  Apparently udev doesn't automatically trigger those 
rules.  It's necessary to run 'udevtrigger' to activate them.

Next question, then.  Should I put that command into my .bash_profile?


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