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Re: [Way Way OT] Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

Dear Readers:

I have not, previously, posted to this thread because
A) I have been playing catch-up.. and B) I did not
have anything to contribute... til now.

People have been asking everyone to take this thread
to another mailing list... I disagree.

I have found this thread thought provoking and
informational and would prefer that it is not sent to
some mailing list that I do not belong to.

For those who think it is a waste of time to post it
here, as opposed to some 'more appropriate' list....
Well, most people who need to be informed do not read
that list.  If they read it, they would already be
informed.  The thread belongs where people who haven't
thought about it before will read it.  Here is as good
as anywhere.  (Aside from the fact that its the only
list I currently belong to... Not that anyone else
cares about that.  Or should.)

Just my opinion

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