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Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

> Nor have I seen anyone that actually has made the effort to research this
> instead of tossing FUD all over the place. A simple Google search for selinux
> turns up many pages of information. You really should try that.

Just one question, David,
	Do you think the question about the sanctity of our systems will be
answered in the quotes, emails, web pages and other data returned from a
web search?  I have read the pages posted here, and have found no
comforting thoughts in that information.  Do you know a series of pages
or information that will answer the question about the security of our
systems?  As you have pointed out there are many pages returned from a
google search.  I have read quite a few.  None helped me to understand
the issue any better than the discussion that is taking place here.

	So if you have enlightening information, I for one, would certainly
read it and search for other references to support it.

Les H

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