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Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 16:54 -0800, Peter Gordon wrote:
> Les wrote:
> > On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 16:30 -0800, Peter Gordon wrote:
> > snip
> >> Anti-malware companies, which make their large profits from the infestations
> >> and insecurities of Windows, have a huge say in what Microsoft can do with
> >> their OS. Unfortunately for such a companies as Microsoft and others, this
> >> profit is apparently worth more to them then consumer satisfaction and good
> >> design principles.
> >> --
> > snip
> >
> > Can you post a source for this assertion?  I find it highly unlikely
> > that Microsoft even talks to these folks other than to give them the
> > same access to Redmond that any other Windows Certified developer has.
> I asserted no such idea; but their actions speak for themselves.
> My statement was that, should Microsoft actually fix
> their security holes and design practices, it would likely break
> backward-compatibility quite severely, as well as preclude the need for many
> anti-malware packages

There's a hell of alot of assumptions in this email that don't have
anything to do with reality.

> . This, in turn, would drastically harm the business
> of these companies as well as force software companies that made use of these
> "features" (*ahem*) to fix their software - which could create quite large
> potential costs. This, in turn, makes them charge more for the software,
> which in turn reduces the potential total amount purchased (price-demand
> curve), which in turn means that people will not purchase as much Windows
> software and support (*ahem*...if that's what they call it). This, in turn,
> means that people will be much less inclined to use anti-malware products,
> and the cycle continues.
> Thus, should MS fix these things, they and many other companies potentially lose
> quite a lot of money.
> One change in a generally-undeviating economy can wreak havoc through the
> economic system of that society... (This is all theoretically, of course...)
> -- 
> Peter Gordon (codergeek42)
> This message was sent through a webmail
>     interface, and thus not signed.

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