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Re: Beagle

On Fri, 2007-01-19 at 00:26 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Thursday 18 January 2007 22:55, Craig White wrote:
> >On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 22:37 -0500, Gene Heskett wrote:
> >> >Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the beagle indexer
> >> > will only run for the logged-in console user, and I suppose it's
> >> > possible it doesn't run at all for root if not explicitly enabled. 
> >> > The index is stored in the user's home directory.
> >>
> >> You are saying in effect then, that it is disabled for root?
> >
> >----
> >I believe that he is saying that he doesn't run GUI as root so he can't
> >possibly know. What is known is that the default environment for root is
> >decidedly different than for users and that is why it is not recommended
> >to run GUI as root. It's untested since it is not recommended.
> If its not recommended, then IMO it should at least return an advisory 
> saying: sorry, root is not allowed to run this.
of course that misses the point...since root running GUI is what is not
recommended, thus root running beagle isn't tested. The fact that you
run GUI as root, knowing that it isn't tested, it isn't recommended and
in the top 3 things not to do, and in spite of knowing all that, you
choose to do it anyway suggests that advisories of any kind would be
pointless. Thanks for making it clearer why there are more than 50
warning labels on all ladders sold today.
> >> If that's the case, is even the manpage disabled for root?
> >
> >----
> >dunno - 'man beagled' seems to work fine as user or root. Perhaps you
> >are not aware of the man pages available for the 'beagle' package.
> >
> >$ rpm -ql beagle|grep '/usr/share/man'
> >/usr/share/man/man1/beagle-config.1.gz
> >/usr/share/man/man1/beagle-query.1.gz
> >/usr/share/man/man1/beagle-shutdown.1.gz
> >/usr/share/man/man1/beagle-status.1.gz
> >/usr/share/man/man1/beagled.1.gz
> >/usr/share/man/man8/beagle-build-index.8.gz
> >/usr/share/man/man8/beagle-manage-index.8.gz
> >
> >Craig
> Thanks for the reply Craig, but a 'locate beagle' never did spit out a 
> list even remotely like the above.
> I did it several times, even running an updatedb by hand once in case the 
> data was stale.  None of that was ever installed, or offered as an 
> installable item by yumex.  I probably spent 10 hours at least, 30 
> minutes at a time, on trying to find out what the heck it was when nobody 
> would answer my questions.  I guess everyone thought I was a blind 
> squirrel or something from the questions I was asking, and other than 
> google for it responses that when offered in that context I treat just 
> like the RTFM advisories when I have already read the fine manual and NOT 
> found the answer therein.
> I think this all boils down to somehow, this machine did not get quite a 
> few items installed when it was installed, and I did install everything 
> that was offered.  Missing beagle docs?  Why, they're right there 
> in /usr/share/man on my machine.  Except they weren't.
rpm -q beagle  # is beagle package installed?
rpm -Vv beagle # verifies beagle installation (if installed)

locate is typically a poor/inefficient way to look for docs on packages.

Todd simplified/clarified my suggestion of using rpm to locate man pages
installed with packages but clearly the simplest way to locate docs is

$ apropos beagle
beagle              (rpm) - The Beagle Search Infrastructure
beagle-config        (1)  - command-line interface to the Beagle
configuration file
beagle-query         (1)  - search your personal information space
beagle-shutdown      (1)  - cleanly shutdown the Beagle daemon
beagle-status        (1)  - repeatedly display Beagle status
beagled              (1)  - the Beagle daemon
libbeagle           (rpm) - Beagle C interface

(you can man apropos if you wish)

apropos doesn't list the 'README' files though and I keep resorting to
pipe commands...
$ locate beagle|grep README
$ locate beagle|grep man

10 hours of research?


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