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Re: [Way Way OT] Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 13:16 -0800, George Arseneault wrote:
> Dear Readers:
> I have not, previously, posted to this thread because
> A) I have been playing catch-up.. and B) I did not
> have anything to contribute... til now.
> People have been asking everyone to take this thread
> to another mailing list... I disagree.
> I have found this thread thought provoking and
> informational and would prefer that it is not sent to
> some mailing list that I do not belong to.
> For those who think it is a waste of time to post it
> here, as opposed to some 'more appropriate' list....
> Well, most people who need to be informed do not read
> that list.  If they read it, they would already be
> informed.  The thread belongs where people who haven't
> thought about it before will read it.  Here is as good
> as anywhere.  (Aside from the fact that its the only
> list I currently belong to... Not that anyone else
> cares about that.  Or should.)
> Just my opinion
> George

Some clarification:  I am one of the ones that has been offering an
alternative discussion forum....BUT I have not been doing so for
selinux-related threads, but rather for political-oriented conversation
that has departed both from fedora and selinux.  That's when I think it
should fork to another location; but like you I'm interested in the
fedora-selinux issue and *that* is well within the purview of this list.
Contrary to what others have stated.

Off Topic or Political Discussions:

"Character is what you do when nobody's looking." - J.C. Watts

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