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Re: Beagle

Gene Heskett wrote:

With the obvious costs associated with running it, and no visible benefit to this user, hell it didn't even have a man page, can you (Rahul=TPTB) present a valid argument that I should reinstall it? I don't like secret software, I don't trust secret software, and if I have any control over it, I'm not running any secret software.

So justify it, give us manpages, or don't make it part of a default install.
My $.02...

First of all, I LOVE Beagle. I love the fact that it indexes my home directory (and other directories I have permission to scan) so I can find files by what they are named as well as what is in them! It took me about two hours to get Beagle up and running. The only reason it took that long is that it is a resource hog on initial scan and that concerned me.

When I try to run 'beagle-search' as root, I get this warning... "Beagle cannot be run as root. For security reasons, Beagle cannot be run as root. You should restart as a regular user." Pretty easy.

As far as man pages go... 'beagle' is not a command, which is why there is no man page. I do not have a man page for 'beagle-search', but that is for the GUI... Using the GUI is self-explanatory. I DO have man pages for:



Ken Nordquist
"Did I Do That?!"
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