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Re: Error installing FC6 x86_64

On 1/8/07, James Wilkinson <fedora aprilcottage co uk> wrote:
Doctor Who wrote:
> Ah, OK.  Sadly, it does appear that changing the BIOS setting for the
> drives to AHCI from IDE will keep the other OS's from booting (since
> they were initially installed with different drivers and now are no
> longer detected :-( )
> I'm also curious if I'm getting the most out of the drives by having
> it at IDE vs. AHCI...perhaps reinstalling the OS's again would be
> worth it from a performance standpoint?

You may be interested to note that on the Fedora Development list,
Mogens Kjaer wrote:

> With the "acpi=off hda=noprobe hdc=noprobe" boot options,
> used both during install (x86_64) and during normal boots.


> I forgot: SATA emulation is set to IDE in the BIOS.
> Because of the hdx=noprobe options, the correct driver
> is loaded so the harddisk shows up as sda, and it
> runs with DMA.

I saw this and thought of you... You shouldn't need the acpi=off option,
but the hda=noprobe and hdc=noprobe ought to get you going, if you don't
want to switch to AHCI.

Hope this helps,


Ok, here is the latest with this.  I made the switch in the BIOS to
use AHCI instead of IDE for my 2 SATA drives.  I then tried to install
FC6 with the boot options:

linux all-generic-ide pci=nommconf

This time I was able to start the installation and proceed thru the
locale/language settings.  However, when I get to the point of the
install where I'm to partition the drive(s) for installation, no
drives appear.  There are no drives in the 'Select the drive(s) to use
for installation' box, and clicking Next results in

No Drives Found
An error has occured - no valid devices were found on which to create
new file systems.  Please check your hardware for the cause of this

I have also updated the BIOS to the latest available (dated 1/5/2007)
from Intel.

Any suggestions/ideas?

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