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Re: Udev problem - more investigation

Roberto Malinverni wrote:
Our strategies seem to be different. You wrote a rule file with a high
number, so that it is the last to be parsed and nothing *should* interfere
with it. I wrote a rule file with a low number, so that it is parsed at the
beginning excluding every interference from other scripts.
The sintax for the option I mentioned is IIRC:
The string as to be appended, after the usual comma, at the end of a given
rule. This prevents that other rules are parsed against the same device.
Other interesting info about what is involved in the process of creating
devices are here:
Sorry if I can't be of more help.

Because OPTIONS is one of those "options" (sorry, I couldn't resist 0:)
that takes a link, like SYMLINK, the recommended syntax is, I


Doing this from memory, so I hope I got that right.  I know that it
shouldn't matter in this case, but my philosophy is to try to
always do things the recommended way, because that will use
the most tested parts of the software, rather than turn up
bugs that haven't been detected, or rarely show up.

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