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Re: Beagle

On 1/19/07, Douglas Phillipson <phillipd oem doe gov> wrote:
I've been trying to figure out how to use Beagle.  I finally determined
that even though there is a "beagle-gui" package installed, the binary
for the gui apparently is "beagle-search".  It doesn't appear to be too
resource intensive on my FC6 box but for being a package that is
supposed to make it easy to find things, it sure was hard to find.  It
doesn't seem to be in any of my Fedora menu's, that I can find anyway.
  Do any of the file managers, or other programs on Fedora, have Beagle
hooks, options, etc which can take advantage of what Beagle finds and

My Beagle, Max, is far more friendly and easier to find.  Follow the
"woof" sound...

I have just been dealing with this recently since I upgraded my old
laptop from FC5 to FC6 and experienced some desktop disruption due to
the continual indexing that Beagle does. It is only a 850 MHz CPU that
scales down to 750 MHz randomly to save power and that seems to be the
boarder-line between Beagle being non-invasive and Beagle driving you

I believe that Beagle is simply the "Search" option in the menu. When
you pull that up, you can pull up the Preferences for Beagle and
effectively neuter it without having to uninstall it. A combination of
that and pegging my CPU at 850 MHz by using the "performance" mode
seems to give me the "feel" that FC5 gave me when my CPU scaled back
to 750 MHz.

I would love to be able to use Beagle on that laptop as I think it is
a pretty cool technology but I, understandably, had to cut corners to
make my machine not drive me insane.


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