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Re: Hanging Website: TCP Problem?

Ed Greshko wrote:
Aaron VanDevender wrote:

Broken routers not handling TCP window scaling?  Try:
 echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/tcp_window_scaling
and see the thread starting at:

Thanks, Jason. That did the trick. I'll let the owners know that they
need to fix their router and or server.

Actually, the problem is probably closer to you than to the owners of the
site.  I only say this since I can access the site you mentioned from here
in Taiwan with no trouble at all.

Hi Ed,

I'm in San Jose, CA and can access the site from any of my boxes *except* for the fc6 ones. Tried dillo, firefox, and telnet and all of them hang. Telnet locked up so tight I had to open a separate xterm to kill it.


Unfortunately if this is the problem then disabling window scaling is
not really a proper solution; only fixing the broken network devices
works in the long term.

- J<

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