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OK. I've got Devil's Pie. Now what??


I downloaded devilspie from extras in order to be able to control size
and position of my MetaCity windows on Gnome 2.16.

How do I set it up and use it?
locate returns 'doc' locations and '/usr/bin/devilspie'

When I run it from the commandline I get:
]$ devilspie
No s-expressions loaded, quiting

The README lists two locations for a configuration file, but none exists
there.  Do I start by creating my own *.ds configuration file?

"Devil's Pie is configured by reading a number of files from two
$HOME/.devilspie/ and $SYSCONFDIR/devilspie (typically /etc/devilspie).
Pie will read s-expressions from every .ds file in those paths.  Note
currently only the first s-expressions is parsed, but this will be fixed
shortly. S-expressions are familiar to most Emacs users and in the
limited use they have in Devil's Pie are trivially learnt by example."

OK.  But where are the examples?  

devilspie -? gives little help.

Where would I get a list of expressions like 'begin', 'set_workspace',
'geometry', or whatever to at least get started?

Googling only gives me a repetition of what's in the README file.

All and any help appreciated.

P.S.  Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix gdmflexiserver -l see
earlier post.

Regards Bill

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