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Re: OK. I've got Devil's Pie. Now what??

On 1/19/07, William Case <billlinux rogers com> wrote:
How do I set it up and use it?
locate returns 'doc' locations and '/usr/bin/devilspie'

The README lists two locations for a configuration file, but none exists
there.  Do I start by creating my own *.ds configuration file?

Well, the command line options seem to be broken, and the readme
documentation is sparse and out of date, so I just track the upstream
changelog to see what new matchers and actions are available. The man
page is somewhat helpful.

Here is a quick overview. To use devilspie, create a ~/.devilspie
directory, then fill it with .ds files. the .ds files are
s-expressions, and have a verbose syntax.

Taken from the readme, a .ds file could contain:
  (if (is (application_name) "XMMS") (set_workspace 2))
or another readme example with a regex and two actions:
   (if (matches (window_name) "^Character.+") (begin maximize
(set_workspace 2)))
or simply a println to find out what to match:
  (println window_name)

I hope this helps. I use devilspie to make my desktop a bit more
appliance like. When enabled, any windows that allow maximization are
automatically maximized and set to no window decorations.

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