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Re: Beagle

Ric Moore wrote:

I thought tracker was an editor/composer, not just a player as mikmod
is/was/whatever. They both have been around since RH4. So, now tracker
is a database ?? Hard up for names? It's confusing. Someone better tell
Google. Nor should one exclude the other, as they serve different
purposes. One composes scores and plays back scores, the other (mikmod)
only plays them.

Mikmod has obsoleted the old tracker for a *long time*. If you like the old tracker, feel free to package it up and maintain in Fedora. It probably takes less time to maintain it as compared to writing these long mails.

Why not name the new database "pine" since that would make as much sense
or even more since Pine isn't in the FC scheme of things.

Pine might not currently be in the formal Fedora repository but folks do use it. So your argument makes no sense to me. Also tracker is not a database. It uses one though. Read the links in more detail.

 Lots! Tracker is one helluva app and doesn't need
anything huge to run on. <sigh> my two cents, Ric

Lots of different packages get to have the same name. We deal with that constantly in Fedora repositories. So learn to live with it.


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