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Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

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Ric Moore wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 10:24 -0800, David Boles wrote:
>> This list has turned into a chat list and seeing this thread has ended for me.
>> 'Plonk'.
> Jeeez, there has been an element of chat since way before Fedora came
> into existence.. on the RedHat List and the sister Caldera List, since
> when. And, there has been some complainers about it. Nothing new. That's
> why you have those mail filters. I've learned more from this thread than
> I have anything in quite a while. Once I saw 'kerry" and that it was
> associated with beagle, I spotted it right in my kde menu. I clicked it,
> it failed. Damn.. all of those endless cycles of eating up CPU for
> zilch. Not gonna spend two hours to make it work, either. Locate and
> find and grep can do all I need. But, all of that emerged out of the
> chat. I guess there are those that socialize and recognize the value of
> it, and those that isolate. 
> Next-door neighbor to Reporter: 
> "...and he was such a quiet man, he always stayed by himself." 
> <the red gumballs swept the area> 
> Plonk away or happily decide to join us, your decision ...but you have
> been invited to join in.  Ric

Gee, thanks Ric.

The plonk was for the 'Selinux is evil' thread not this list. I gather that I
did not make that clear. And I guess that I have turned it off too soon? I had
grown tired of the 'chicken little' attitude. The sky is falling!! The sky is

Not one of you had any idea of what you were talking about here. Not one of
you had any idea what SElinux does. Or why it does what it does. But you all
were more than willing to damn SELinux and search for bogey men in the closet.
Or bogey men under the bed. To spread FUD. And all of this started by an
article about Windows dated mid summer 1999. Which has nothing to do with
Linux. And certainly does not qualify as news.

But once again thanks for the invitation to rejoin the list that I did not leave.

Next time you have I problem I hope that I can help. Feel frre to ask. I'll be
glad to help if I can.
- --

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