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Re: FC 5 named service seems to "go away"

Ric Moore wrote:
On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 10:08 -0600, rlengland verizon net wrote:

Well, that makes sense, though I don't understand why the FC6 machines
are both looking at the DSL address (  But then I don't
know much about NetworkManager, yet, at all.
At least that seems to eliminate the ip address issue from being part
of the named unresponsiveness.

I have a router connected to my DSL modem. I have three machines
connected to the router. The router gives the three machines the same IP
address, every time. It's now set that way. I killed off network manager
and it's craziness and just set up my addresses statically. No dhcp
nothin'. Just edit hosts or use the netconfig thingie and away you go.
No more problems. Oh yeah, set up your nameserver addresses
in /etc/resolv.conf or use netconfig thingie again.
You can now safely have a localhost without network manager doing beans
to ya'. Ric

That's more or less how I had it set up pre-NetworkManager. But since NM was coming at me, full-tilt and it would be real useful on my laptop, I thought I would use this as another $%^&ing learning experience. In general NM seems to be working on the FC6 machines (one laptop and one desktop). It's only the FC5 machine (desktop) that is confused.
We'll see how FC7 works on it when the time comes.

Thanks for the response, though. You suggestion is more or less how I have it set up, now.


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