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Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

On Fri, 2007-01-19 at 21:13 -0800, David Boles wrote:
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> Ric Moore wrote:
> > On Thu, 2007-01-18 at 10:24 -0800, David Boles wrote:
> >> This list has turned into a chat list and seeing this thread has ended for me.
> >> 'Plonk'.
> > 
> > Jeeez, there has been an element of chat since way before Fedora came
> > into existence.. on the RedHat List and the sister Caldera List, since
> > when. And, there has been some complainers about it. Nothing new. That's
> > why you have those mail filters. I've learned more from this thread than
> > I have anything in quite a while. Once I saw 'kerry" and that it was
> > associated with beagle, I spotted it right in my kde menu. I clicked it,
> > it failed. Damn.. all of those endless cycles of eating up CPU for
> > zilch. Not gonna spend two hours to make it work, either. Locate and
> > find and grep can do all I need. But, all of that emerged out of the
> > chat. I guess there are those that socialize and recognize the value of
> > it, and those that isolate. 
> > 
> > Next-door neighbor to Reporter: 
> > 
> > "...and he was such a quiet man, he always stayed by himself." 
> > <the red gumballs swept the area> 
> > 
> > Plonk away or happily decide to join us, your decision ...but you have
> > been invited to join in.  Ric
> Gee, thanks Ric.
> The plonk was for the 'Selinux is evil' thread not this list. 

That's interesting, I missed the "SElinux is EVIL" thread.  And here I
thought Evo was showing all the threads.  "Bad evo...bad...."

> I gather that I
> did not make that clear. And I guess that I have turned it off too soon? I had
> grown tired of the 'chicken little' attitude. The sky is falling!! The sky is
> falling!!

On the other hand, maybe other peeps are tired of the "little chicken"
attitude, where your beak is brown and your legs are sore from the

> Not one of you had any idea of what you were talking about here.

Oh boy. :)  

List members=IgnorantMasses    DavidBoles=SuperiorIntellect

Ahh, yeah, Got it.

>  Not one of you had any idea what SElinux does.

DavidBoles=Enlightened   List members=IgnorantMasses

Hmmm...well, different named variables, but values seem to match the
previous.  Oh well, ok.  Got it anyhow.

>  Or why it does what it does. But you all
> were more than willing to damn SELinux and search for bogey men in the closet.
> Or bogey men under the bed. To spread FUD. And all of this started by an
> article about Windows dated mid summer 1999. Which has nothing to do with
> Linux. And certainly does not qualify as news.

List Members=Dumb&Interested    DavidBoles=Smart&Noninterested

Ok.  "--That was easy--"

> But once again thanks for the invitation to rejoin the list that I did not leave.
> Next time you have I problem I hope that I can help. Feel frre to ask. I'll be
> glad to help if I can.

It's kind of you to offer help to the poor dumb unwashed thread
contributors, DB.  I for one am taken aback by the sheer selflessness of
your sacrifices.

Mayhaps I could light a candle amidst a makeshift DB shrine here in my
humble hovel?

> - --
>   David

Off Topic or Political Discussions:

"Character is what you do when nobody's looking." - J.C. Watts

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