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Re: vmware

On 1/20/07, Les Mikesell <lesmikesell gmail com> wrote:
Denis Leroy wrote:
> Les Mikesell wrote:
>> roland wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I need some advice.
>>> I have a client, car spare parts, who has a lot of
>>> Microsoft-programs to install, pricelists and tech-info.
>>> So I was thinking:
>>> 1.install Fedora as terminal server for internet,mail and office.
>>> 2.install vmware above
>>> 3.install Microsoft terminal server, as a virtual server of vmware,
>>> for the typical MsWin applications
>>> Is this a good idea, or is there a better way?
>> If you are looking for stability in the host OS, fedora probably
>> isn't the best choice.
>> First you'll have to track down a patch to even make vmware work
> no you won't
I've seen several posts that the module won't compile.  Are they
I had that problem too, but it was not solved by a patch, just a small trick.


but anyway, I agree with your that maybe if it is for his client maybe
the best option is CentOS, as the have bigger cycles than fedora, and
a server is supposed to be installed for long time.
But it is just my opinion.

I use CentOS and Debian for server aplications and Fedora en Ubuntu for Desktop

Guillermo Garron
"Linux IS user friendly... It's just selective about who its friends are."
(Using FC6, CentOS4.4 and Ubuntu 6.06)

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