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Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

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Gene Heskett wrote:
> Well, one thing that isn't a state secret as of right now around the 
> Heskett ranchette is that the 'fixfiles -F relabel' operation will screw 
> with your backups because (I assume) all the ctimes of all the files will 
> be updated.  I have a tapetype size set at about 9.5GB, and a normally 
> done backup, on a 5 day schedule will amount to about 5.5GB per nightly 
> run.  It tried to do the whole 27GB in one swell foop last night.  And 
> predictably ran out of 'tape' so there is about 3.3GB left in the holding 
> disk after the compression.  Amanda will autoflush that tomorrow night, 
> so its not a huge problem, but it sure will mess with the old girls 
> scheduling algorithms for the next few dumpcycles.
> So the question then is: Is this unavoidable, or should I file a bz 
> against it?  The manpage doesn't mention anything in this regard.

Might I suggest that you ask your question on the fedora-selinux-list where
the selinux experts are?

fedora-selinux-list redhat com
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