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RE: DPMS for runlevel=3?

Edit "/etc/inittab".  there is a line in there with the default runlevel.
the "5" you see there directs the system to come up with X active.  Set it
to "3" and reboot.

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> Only if you explicitly switch over to run level three.  X is usually
> running, automatically, in run level five.  But you can start and stop X
> by hand, and remain in run level three.  You can use the telinit command
> to switch levels, and it will start and stop X, as well, if the defaults
> are left to run it on level five, and not to run it on level three.

Oops! I neglected to mention that I use ctrl-alt-functionkey to switch 
(then c-a-F7 to switch back).

Your response makes it sound like there are other ways to accomplish 
what I want. Actually, I *really* want to _turn off X_. Is there yet 
another way to do this (other than c-a-fk and telinit)? Note that I 
leave all my computers run (crunching on distributed processing 
projects); I use 5 (GUI), and want to turn off X when I'm not using the 

Regarding telinit - do I have to be su to use it?

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