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Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

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Claude Jones wrote:
> On Sat January 20 2007 2:42 pm, David Boles wrote:
>> BTW. Note the tagline.  ;-)
> It's nice Mr. Boles, that you are positioning yourself as a man 
> of reason, and of humor. You are entitled to believe whatever 
> you like on the subject I raised, and you're even entitled to 
> make a royal ass of yourself in the process of making your 
> points, which is what you've been doing. This did not win you 
> any points in anyone's book, I would guess. So, if you were 
> trying to score points, or shut people up, or whatever it is you 
> wanted to do by calling folks idiots and related expletives, you 
> failed utterly. There have been many voices raised here, 
> including some with some fairly impressive security credentials, 
> and even one participant from the Government agency that's in 
> the subject line - to lump the collective words of the 
> participants of this thread in one categorization ("it was 
> fud" - "no one was really answering any of the questions") is 
> still a problem you have - you have a problem, not all the other 
> folk who chose to say something without lacing their posts with 
> personal attacks on others. You now admit you're no selinux 
> expert, yet, you have spent several days engaging in your 
> vitriol, something I've seen you do before, on other occasions, 
> in other threads. 
> There are well over a thousand people who read this list, Mr. 
> Boles - please tell us all why even one of us should listen to 
> anything you have to say...

Hi Claude,

Until the NSA person, that you mentioned here, joined this thread I did not
see much of anything getting resolved. I saw only speculation and worrying
about SElinux. I have noticed that once he spoke out the thread has all but
ended. No one of you made, it appeared, any effort to research this and
actually find any information about SElinux.

You did notice that the article that started this was written about Windows
and that is is dated 1999? 2007-1999 = eight years. And now you chose to
worry? okay. SElinux has been in Fedora Core since FC-2. 2007-2004= three
years. And once again, now you chose to worry?

Or is ti that you have been using FC and that you just now found out about
SElinux? That is possible. But I did a little research on FC before I did my
first install of FC-2. I knew about SElinx, Waht is does and why before I ever
installed Fedora Core.

Have a nice day.
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