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Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

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Claude Jones wrote:
> On Sat January 20 2007 5:04 pm, David Boles wrote:
>> Have a nice day.
> I'm sorry that you're so anxious to score points. That's the 
> tone, even without the expletives, of this last post. But I'll 
> try one more reply in kind to several of the issues you raised. 
> While the article about Windows turned out to be old, there have 
> been some links posted about that issue in this debate - did you 
> read those? There's been no definitive resolution of the 
> original questions that were raised at the time in that article. 
> I asked a simple question, remember? It didn't 
> involve "speculation or worry" - it was a question. 
> I'm afraid you're stilling glossing over several contributions to 
> the discussion by list members known for their  expertise in 
> security matters - perhaps you don't know who they are. 
> And finally, you assume I started off knowing nothing about 
> Selinux. Quite the contrary - I even made the point along the 
> way that I use Selinux and have posted bug reports about it. 
> I've spent considerable time on the web reading about Selinux - 
> here's a couple of bookmarks for you in case you haven't come 
> across them:
> http://www.nsa.gov/selinux/
> http://selinux.sourceforge.net/resources.php3

This is twice that you have said "to score points". I really have no idea what
that means. "to score points"? With who? For what purpose?

I was actually fortunate enough to miss a great deal of this thread. Aren't
filters wonderful? But I did go back some in the archive and I did not
anything of real value there. Other than the information provided by the
person from the NSA.

As simply as it can be said. SElinux is supposed to stop unauthorized access
to you HD and file system. Which is one, if not the, major problems with the
Windows system. In other words that Barbie screensaver that your daughter
downloaded would not be able to format your HD. Or turn your computer into a
zombie spambot.

What Fedora, and others distrobutions, are trying to do it to stop this type
of action before it starts instead of after.

Now if you don't want that protection, which will be needed one day sooner or
later, then by all means set SElunx to disabled. Turn off the protection.
Selinux is a kernel patch and a list of rules of what to protect and how. With
SElinux disabled the rules won't get inforced and 'things' can do as they
please with your HD and file system.

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