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Re: Fedora 7: The Linux Knight in Shining Armor?

If ISO space is an issue, why not go whole hog: Get rid of ISOs
completely, and replace them with simple lists of rpms that are
merely suggestions from the editors for different groups of
packages that seem useful for different purposes.

Then provide a tool that lets you build your own ISO from
scratch with whatever rpms you want, starting with an editor
suggestion, or some list of your own favorites. (Or build
a live CD or live DVD from the same list so you can try it out
first). [Note that jigdo is already a bit like this].

Make all the individual rpms available on a torrent, and let
any user who wants to volunteer leave his downloaded rpms seeding
so all the most popular rpms are available in a gazillion
sites - one near you. Naturally updates you download can be left
seeding as well so the distinctions between "release" and
"update" should disappear.

In fact, while we're at it - never have another "release", just keep
upgrading rpms forever with individual packages being released,
but nothing called a whole distribution having a release. Individual
rpms just get marked obsolete and replaced with new ones in the
ever updated lists.

Now *that* would be a Knight in shining armor! Fedora 7 is a mere
feeble imitation in comparison :-).

[Just don't ask me to do any of the work :-].

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