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Re: Cannot start laptop - Grub prompt

On 21/01/07, Tony Nelson <tonynelson georgeanelson com> wrote:

Googling suggests that the partition table is munged.  It is possible that
booting again will magically fix it; at least I think that's how it is
supposed to work.  I don't actually know what MediaDirect /is/ yet.  It
seems to be built into the firmware and into the BIOS, and probably has
something to do with preventing you from using your computer for anything
Big Entertainment doesn't want you to do.

Recreating the partition table may fix it.  Dumping the partition table
might be informative.  It may also be necessary to re-install Grub.
Pressing the button again will probably hose it again.  You might want to
cut that button off the keyboard.  More googling is indicated.

Thanks. I had to reinstall the OS. And just hitting that damn button
nukes anything that's not Windows on the hardrive.
Unfuckingbelievable. I'm going to have a fit with Dell customer
service on this one, but I've not much ammo as they specifically told
me that they don't supprt anything that's not MS.


I'm really pissed. That key _cannot_ be removed like most other keys-
I've already tryed that. It seems that I must open the machine to get
rid of it, as it's not a regular plastic pop-on job.

Dotan Cohen


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