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Re: DPMS for runlevel=3?

Michael Klinosky:
>>> Oops! I neglected to mention that I use ctrl-alt-functionkey to switch 
>>> (then c-a-F7 to switch back).

>> Which isn't stopping X, just ignoring it for the while.  X is still
>> running, even though you don't see it.

Michael Klinosky:
> Then perhaps I'm confusing something here. In rl=5, top lists 'Xorg' - 
> which I took to be X windows. It was consistently at .3 - .7% of cpu 
> usage. In rl=3, it wasn't listed in top. So, am I confused?

If you really are in run level 3 then X isn't running (unless you've
change default settings or run it manually).  However, switching a text
console by doing something like hitting CTRL ALT F1 does NOT put you
into run level 3, you're still in the same run level.  Switching run
levels requires a different action.  e.g. The telinit command allows you
to change run levels while the computer is already up and running.

Top only shows the top processes, unless you run it in a batch mode to
show all processes.  If X is not busy, and it won't be very busy when
you've switched over to a text console display, then it may well not
show up in the top 20 odd processes.  Other things may be busier, and
show up before it.

> I'm just looking to have every cpu cycle availible for the cruncher 
> client while I'm not using the machine.

Are you logging out or just leaving the machine unattended?  X doesn't
seem to do much if you're not actually using it (causing the display to
change something).  You could just CTRL ALT F1 and cause it to do even
less work.  Though having X running still does consume some CPU and RAM.

If you are logging out and leaving tasks running, you could switch to
run level 3.  But I strongly suspect that you're chasing efficiencies
beyond the point of efficiency.


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