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Re: Beagle

Les Mikesell:
>>> Are you saying every user needs his own instance and each will index
>>> all files accessible by that that user?  That doesn't sound very
>>> efficient for a multiuser system.

>> Hmm, dunno about that, unless you're hoping for some compression
>> efficiencies in the cataloging.  If you had three users which end up
>> with 1 megs worth of catalogs each, versus three users which each put 1
>> meg into a global catalog, you're still using 3 megs worth of disk
>> space.  Though, you mightn't want several indexing processes running all
>> the time, unless they really had a minimal load on the system.

Les Mikesell:
> No, the reason that multiple users are on the same machine may be 
> because they work together and share access to many of the same files.
> Not sharing the index would be conceptually like google buildiing a
> duplicate copy of their database for every user.

Fair enough for shared files (though I don't believe shared files should
be in personal home space), but Jane Doe shouldn't have any sort of
access to John Doe's files, in the normal run of things.  So each
person's index can be individual.

>From what I've looked at, Beagle is most about indexing your own files,
not the overall system files.  Though I certainly see the value in that.
Apropos is all very well for man files, but there's plenty of
applications with help documentation in another form.

Locate can work with all files on the system, though it doesn't normally
show you results that are private to another person.  Perhaps some
people think that filtering the results, rather than keeping private
databases, is a bit of a risk.


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