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Re: K3B will not burn DVD Image anymore.

>Perhaps, Mick, the safest way to record a CD/DVD is to use directly
> the command line programs, like cdrecord, cdrdao and growisofs. In
> case you are trying to burn
> /root/KNOPPIX_V5.1.1DVD-2007-01-04-EN.iso
> then, use the following command:
> growisofs -dvd-compat -speed=4 -Z
> /dev/dvd="/root/KNOPPIX_V5.1.1DVD-2007-01-04-EN.iso"
> (Note that the above is a single line command.)
> I am assuming that your problem is not being caused by bad file
> permissions.
> Paul

Hello Paul;
 I tried Anne's suggestion on lock files, they looked ok to me.
I will post the output later.
I burned the DVD as you suggested, in fact I am posting this email from

Booted right up and found my cable modem.
So it looks like a k3b problem, or maybe lock files.

  Mick M.

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