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Re: How NSA access was built into Windows

Gene Heskett wrote:
> Now, I could have done something to speed this system up that's not
> related to selinux, but the only things I've done is to rip out the
> livna versions of mplayer and mplayerplugin with --nodeps, and put
> them back in from dries before they were missed, and then restart
> firefox from its own file menu pulldown, (normal quits and re-runs
> didn't seem to do it) and now both foxnews and cnn video's now play,
> although cnn's videos act like the server is in need of quite a bit
> more iron in its diet.
> Now, somebody, preferably Dr. Smalley, please explain to me why I
> should run something that takes a 9 minute compile and makes it take
> 27 minutes to do it.  And the rest of the system just plain feels
> snappier.

I'd take a guess that it's ccache that's helping you gain the speedup
in compiling.  Not that it's terribly important though.

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