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Re: Getting Fox News to work with Firefox

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Christopher A. Williams wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-01-21 at 16:55 -0800, David Boles wrote:
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>> Christopher A. Williams wrote:
> <snip...>
>>> I've written to all of them before - including Citibank (citicards was
>>> mentioned in a separate answer on this thread). I got no response from
>>> CNN or Fox.
>>> Ironically, I was shopping for a credit card when I ran into Citibank's
>>> website issues. I told them that I would not apply for a credit card
>>> from them if their Website wouldn't support my choice of Web browser.
>>> Their response: An on-line application form by e-mail pointing to their
>>> website. Nice...!
>>> I actually had one Website administrator (http://www.petharbor.com) tell
>>> me that IE6 was the only "authorized" browser for viewing their site. I
>>> told them that, as a site promoting a public service relied upon by city
>>> governments, it was not their place to say which browsers were
>>> "authorized". I got no further response. I also don't use them anymore -
>>> I guess they have enough assistance from "authorized" browser running
>>> people who don't mind frame based sites.
>>> Even if it's only in a small way, I vote with my wallet when this stuff
>>> happens. Capital One has a site that works just fine. So does American
>>> Express. Citibank is not the only credit card company in town, and I
>>> figure that if they won't listen to me about this when it comes to
>>> customer service, they probably also won't listen to me about other
>>> issues if they were to come up as well...
>>> Anyone from Citibank care to comment??
>> I am NOT from Citibank.
>> But you never said what was your preferred browser.
> Wow! I re-read that a couple of times and you're right!! On Linux, I
> tend to prefer Firefox. I'll use Konqueror as well when it suits what I
> need or feel like a change.
> Incidentally, none of the above sites worked very well for me using
> Konqueror either. I have the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox working
> with Fox News now. For some reason, Konqueror still isn't working with
> Fox.

First? You kinda' highjacked his thread with you Citibank problem. You should
have started a one. Not a big deal. That happens here often.  ;-)

I have read, somewhere, that Greasemonkey will allow both CNN and FOX videos
when setup correctly. Keep trying. As for Konqueror? I haven't used it in years.

I did NOT apply for a credit card but I can access citibank.com with Firefox

Good luck and keep trying.
- --

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