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Re: Getting Fox News to work with Firefox

On 22/01/07, Christopher A. Williams <chrisw cawllc com> wrote:
I've written to all of them before - including Citibank (citicards was
mentioned in a separate answer on this thread). I got no response from
CNN or Fox.

Ironically, I was shopping for a credit card when I ran into Citibank's
website issues. I told them that I would not apply for a credit card
from them if their Website wouldn't support my choice of Web browser.
Their response: An on-line application form by e-mail pointing to their
website. Nice...!

I actually had one Website administrator (http://www.petharbor.com) tell
me that IE6 was the only "authorized" browser for viewing their site. I
told them that, as a site promoting a public service relied upon by city
governments, it was not their place to say which browsers were
"authorized". I got no further response. I also don't use them anymore -
I guess they have enough assistance from "authorized" browser running
people who don't mind frame based sites.

Even if it's only in a small way, I vote with my wallet when this stuff
happens. Capital One has a site that works just fine. So does American
Express. Citibank is not the only credit card company in town, and I
figure that if they won't listen to me about this when it comes to
customer service, they probably also won't listen to me about other
issues if they were to come up as well...

Anyone from Citibank care to comment??



Good for you. I actually switched banks (from Discount to HaPoalim)
because Discount Bank was blocking Firefox. I called them, spoke to a
rep, and was told that they only serve IE. So I told him to close my
account. He told me to go to my branch to do it, but I insisted that
he write up a complaint from me so that the bank will know why I left.

Last I checked, the site works in Fx. Too bad I'm no longer a client :)

Dotan Cohen


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