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Re: changing from gdm to kdm. How?

On 1/21/07, Rob <spamrefuse yahoo com> wrote:
>>>>>>>Can you tell me what is the preferred
oldman wrote:
>>>>>>>to switch from gdm to kdm?
> This is what I assumed, that a person wanting to
> the switch from
> gdm to kdm probably was using KDE and that using the
> redirection switch
> from cat would reverse that decision (by deleting
> existing file and
> that using the concatenate switch would let him keep
> the KDE desktop.
> So How about it Rob is your problem fixed?

No not yet.
First of all, I use XFCE (so neither Gnome, nor KDE).
Upon X logout, I get the the confirmation screen
whether I really want to logout, but also buttons
to restart or shutdown the PC; the last part I want
to block for regular users, but that seems to be
nearly impossible in Fedora....

I hoped that the KDM login manager also has this for
logout, but that does not seem to be the case, unless
you use also KDE as the session manager.

I really have to disable the possibility that a
regular user accidentally shutsdown the system,
no matter what desktop manages he/she is using.
How can that be done in Fedora?


Take a look at the Configuring Console Access,

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